Monday 6 August 2018

Good and Bad In the Poly Tunnels

The peaks in temperatures have really taken its toll on the poly tunnels, Here are two videos from the poly tunnels.
 First up is the dry air poly tunnel, this is were I grow all the citrus trees and things like prickly pear, pomegranates, avocado and the canna lilys, the majority of the plants in this poly tunnel like it hot and dry through summer but that in turn has had its issues this year. I have now installed an overhead misting system to try and combat some problems.

  This poly tunnel were I set up the aquaponics has a more humid atmosphere but the high temperatures have lost me the fish. 
Both poly tunnels have big fans in them that are suspended from the roof bars to try and move some of the hot air out, the fans run off solar panels, here is another video showing one of the fans when I first got them.
 A lot of issues have been caused by birds coming into the poly tunnels, although birds do some good helping to control pests, they have brought there own pests and they damage the fruit and veg, dig up the border and have broken a few plants, now birds are banned, netting has been fixed up over all the doors pollinating insects can get in and out but birds are out. 
We are getting some fantastic veg this year
Tomatoes are doing fantastic, we are harvesting them every couple of days along with cucumbers, peppers and chilies are coming close to harvest time and we are now picking the first of the corn on the cob. 
Its now time to start looking at what to grow over winter, although with it being so hot its hard to think of winter. 



  1. I'm regretting not growing a few corn plants.
    That tomato is huge!

  2. Thanks for posting the videos-it was great to see exactly what can happen in the cycle of growing your own food. It was also lovely to hear you as well.

  3. For all their benefits, poly tunnels create some challenges too! But it seems food growing always creates challenges. Still, everything looks good and partly, I'm sure, because you stay on top of it.

  4. Hello Dawn, we have had a big problem, the last couple of years with scale and spider mite. Last year the apricot and peach tree stems looked like mussel beds !! However last year,I tried scale insect predators and again this year and it has worked well. I have almost eradicated the problem. The spider mite I usually keep under partial control with predators (tried to do it with too small a quantity) This year I have improved the situation ,by also using a natural product called SB. This also acts as an invigorator. I was away during a very hot spell and returned to find the fruit in the tunnel festooned with their webs. The SB showed immediate improvement and I have controlled them by spraying with it. Now it is cooler the predators start working again.
    Good luck with the problem.

  5. I can't wait to start harvesting my veggies but some had a late start and then the heat kicked them back a bit! Soon :D

  6. And it is forecast for us to get a good Autumn too.

  7. Ugh. That is aggravating.

    The heat here has finally convinced me there are simply some things one cannot grow in certain climates. Better off (at least for me and my sanity) to focus on the ones that do well.

  8. I always find your polytunnel news interesting. I have been placing my plant cuttings outside under an hedge because the tunnel is too hot for them.


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