Saturday 4 August 2018

A Day In The Life Of A Smallholder

Saturday 4th August 2018
Got up at about 6am Martin was already  up and had a cup of tea ready for when I came downstairs, put a wash load on, got some paperwork ready for the people who were coming to buy the two female kids.Its Martin's turn to do the animal feeds, milking and chores today.
Got dressed another mug of tea and started loading my car up  ready for the village market, put second load of washing on and headed down to the village hall to get set up.
A lovely friend brought along a box of mushrooms for us that she had picked this morning in her field.
 Got home from doing the market about 1pm, made some good sales and picked up a couple of orders for the new range of children's clothes I am doing. Including an order for one of the Turkeys. Car unpacked.
Quick catch up with Martin, the goat kids were collected, I went and checked the new area Martin had set up for the pigs that we are collecting tomorrow.
Then headed up to the top field to turn the grass that had been topped the other day and cut some branches for the mama goats and the young billies that have now moved into the goat bachelor pad.
set about cleaning out the fridge while I was having a cup of tea

Into the poly tunnel, planted a tray of potatoes that were sitting in the barn sprouting, they were some of ours from last year.
 They have been planted into the border I cleared earlier in the week

Set up an experimental bed to grow some of the mixed grain  that we buy in for the doves,
It will be interesting to see what grows and how well it does, I intend cutting it for the goats.

 Went round and harvested some of the veg, runner beans, broad beans, black eyed beans, peas, courgettes, cucumber, broccoli and corn on the cob.
We spotted Frasier the Buffalo bull was in the wrong part of the field, he had rolled under the electric fencing, we head off to round him up and get him back were he belonged.
The washing was brought in 
Turned the mister on in poly tunnel 1
while that was getting a good soaking I headed back up to the top field to bring down all the cut grass that was dry
Three trailer loads, not the best of hay but it will feed the goats for a couple of weeks.
Martin was cooking dinner on the BBQ while I was gathering in the hay
Lovey dinner of Buffalo rib joint, new potatoes, corn on the cob, corn on the cob, tomatoes and cucumber.
I then switched the watering to the second poly tunnel

 While the watering was going on I headed to the woodland field and cut a row with the scythe
 This will get turned in the morning then several times through the day to dry out. Closed up poly tunnels, turned off water pump.
Finally got sat down with another cuppa 
Wont be long until bed time, how was your day?




  1. Not brilliant. Goats escaped into orchard. Rounded them up and got them out. They will have to stay in Big field until we can get the fencing sorted in their pen. Broody hen didn't like being moved into a safer place and escaped ( note the common theme!) Got her back onto her eggs.Picked veg. Watered. Not too bad really.

    1. oh dear goats in the orchard is not a good place

  2. Such a busy,, busy day you had...but it might be the usual for you... Laundry on the line , it seems...that clean good smell fills the I remember.

    1. Laundry on the line is every day stuff here, we dont have a dryer and I do like the fresh air laundry smell

  3. Your energy and accomplishments are amazing.

  4. This is none of my business, but you seem like such a bundle of energy throughout the day, that I was curious how old you were. I am 68 and just worn out from reading about your active day! Thanks.

    Beth Backus from Indiana (retired librarian)

    1. I am impressed beyond words. You and Martin are doing amazing work.

      Beth Backus

  5. And breathe . . .

    I sat around all day at what is primarily a Vintage Fair, and took less than the pitch cost me.

  6. Sounds like the smallholder days We used to have. We no longer keep goats and have trimmed most things down really. We didn't even get poddy lambs this year. I honestly think I couldn't keep your pace up any more. The sense of achievement after such a day is very satisfying isn't it? Go girl!

  7. Well I'm off for a lie down after reading that Dawn...I'm fair

  8. Nowhere near as hectic as yours Dawn - but you must have felt so satisfied at the end of it.

  9. You are living every moment of your day Dawn- and I admire you so much for all you get done. The heat and humidity here in middle Scotland is making me ill but today I have decided I must gee myself up and get stuff done. Agree about the outdoor drying-machine has just stopped so I’m off to peg it out.

  10. I'm amazed at how much you accomplish in a day. You and Martin make an amazing team!

  11. Phew.
    I thought we used to be busy smallholding but that is phenomenal!


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