Saturday 21 April 2018

Buffalos On Parade & What Is It ?

Yesterday was a big day for the Water Buffalo Mamas to be, 

 In readiness Petunia decided she needed a mud bath and wallowed the morning away waiting for the gate to be opened 
Here is a video of the being let out.
 Then it was all ready Martin had moved all the electric fencing to enclose the field next door for them to graze, all winter we have been strip grazing, now they will stay were they are until they have calved.
plenty of spring grass for them

 They really enjoyed this new freedom

 And marched around the field checking it all out.

 We did get them a haylage bale to try out and put it inside one of those ring things

We are waiting for one to arrive for Frasier and Johnny at the moment they are happy to lounge around in there haylage bale and use it as a sun bed.
Now what is it 
 Martin has been putting something up
 In the adjoining corners of Buffalo fields, Alpaca fields and Sheep field. 
What is he building ?



  1. Is it a hive, or a tower for camera's so you can keep an eye on your animals.

  2. They look very happy.Looking forward to the next reveal.

    1. he might get it finished on his next trip home

  3. They're enjoying that aren't they? Is it a tower to use as a platform for shooting foxes or even that wretched Sparrowhawk who has your doves and chickens? Or a treehouse for the grandkids?

    1. Sparrowhawks are protected so we cant do anything about them.

    2. Just watch them pick off your birds. . . We have one here, and it landed in the Damson tree earlier this month. Beautiful to see, but a deadly hunter.

  4. A Fort. It is a tree fort. Because we all secretly want a really cool one.


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