Wednesday 20 September 2017

Let There Be Light

We have had a busy time with visitors, all gone now until next week when Martin's parents arrive for a visit.
This last lot were a group of friends that Martin knew from school days and I have know for about 30 years 

 we had a couple of trips to the beach giving Martin and his mate to try out some diving equipment
 They were doing a walk in off the beach.
The same friend happens to be an electrician and during his visit fitted up electric in the goat shed
Just in time for winter coming with dark mornings and short daylight hours we now have lots of light to help us with the milking, foot trimming and come kidding time.
also for the running of the milking machine and pressure washer for when we clean them out.
No more extension leads and all out of reach of the goats.
The poly tunnels are still doing well
 The two oranges trees have a good crop of fruit
 The tomatoes are still doing there stuff and have lots of fruit
 Considering they started showing signs of blight they have bounced back really well.
 I have been getting spaces planted up with endive and chicory
 Chinese cabbage and winter salad leaves under the tomatoes
 Beans are now flowering this is the third sowing of cannelloni beans and borlotti  beans
 outside and empty bed has been planted with turnips more chicory and winter radish.
Figs have been ripening up I am the only on who eats them so I have been eating them as they are ready although I have found some have been going missing, caught the culprit read handed, Tess has taken a likening to them as well and has cleared the lower branches.
end of last week we got a lovely salmon, it was cut up and put in brine and then hot smoked, once it was done it was vac packed and into the freezer for future meals, the smell was fantastic and the taste, this lot was smoked with whisky oak chips.
We have a busy week end coming up will update you as we go along.

Alpaca update the twins didn't make it sadly. 


  1. Tha salmon looks good! One fo my favorites!

  2. How sad nature can be. ☹️The salmon looks delicious.

  3. I'm sad for the baby alpacas....but happy for your new electric set up! Your polly tunnel looks amazing!

    1. This poly tunnel is looking fab this year

  4. Your place is looking good as always. Sorry the twins did not make it, nature can be cruel.

  5. So sorry about the Alpaca twins. Great set-up for the goat shelter and the salmon looks yummy-I can almost smell it from here!

    1. Getting the goat house set u for winter has been a priority

  6. Your polytunnel is certainly still feeding you! You will certainly benefit from the goat-lighting this autumn and winter, but sorry about the Alpaca twins not making it.

    As for that smoked salmon, oh my! Can smell it from here. . .

  7. I like your veg beds and poly-tunnel set up. It looks very well organized and professional.

    1. I try to keep it organised not always easy

  8. Our poor excuse of a veg patch this year won't feed us for much longer...I'm determined we'll do better next season! x

  9. I love reaing your updates Dawn.

    So sad about about the twins not making it.
    Hugs -x-

  10. Sorry to read about the twins dawn.
    Did you do anything to help when blight started showing?


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