Thursday 7 September 2017

I Dont Know Where It Goes

Time that is, I get up at a reasonable hour and before I know it I am flagging and its bed time, the past week has flown by,
Last week I had a day out at Bristol with friends and on Saturday I had my market stall.
Martin has been busy making a goat shed for the young Billy's they are now ready to leave mum 
 They will be moving three fields over
 This week end is moving time for them.
Today I had Bovey Belle over for her first lace making lesson, she had a try out  in Bristol last week
and I offered to give her some lessons, 
she now has her first one under her belt and on the way to making lace.
All the poultry are doing well, I have done video of thm getting there corn in the afternoon, all day they free range in the fields and late afternoon they head back to there runs for there corn feed, they are very good at going into the right runs.
The large white ones are the Ross Cobbs meat birds, as are the young white ones, we should be collecting another freezer this week end then we will have space to get all adult the Ross Cobbs done. They are a size now. We also have some cockerels in with egg layers that hatched out this year so they need going as well.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me as I am collecting a new bit of equipment, its like waiting for Christmas day to come. 


  1. Busy are normal, hope your equipment is all you want it to be, hope you will post about it sometime.
    I have been trying finger tatting again, I was shown how to make lace years ago, I have a lace making kit, but I've not used it yet.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for my lesson today Dawn. You went to so much trouble on my behalf, finding all your lace making stuff and giving up a few hours of your precious time too. I am very grateful. I did a little bit more when I got home.

    We used to get our flock in with corn. Mathilda, one of our Muscovys, used to sit at the top of an Ash tree all day long, surveying the scene, but the moment I came out with the corn she would swoop down to her coop and greet me!

  3. Oooooh.... I am excited to know what your new piece of equipment

  4. Ooh wonder what the new thing is? look forward to that.

  5. Hope we get a photograph of the new bit of equipment.

  6. I am excited to know what your new piece of equipment


  7. I'm almost sad excited as you! Lovely that you got to meet up with BB :-)

  8. Almost forgot, the chickens are looking great! They are so funny when it's time to come in. Don't burn yourself out either, you already do so much x


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