Sunday 9 February 2014

Daily Bacon

Recently thanks to GF on the forum we have got into curing our own bacon, and even if I say so myself its the best bacon ever, you don't get any of that white scum when cooking it and it tastes like bacon is suppose to taste.

Bacon is surprisingly easy to dry cure and it is cheaper than the best bacon in the shops,

this is the cure we have been using, I bought a whole loin for £20 to make some back bacon, we cut it into 3, 1 joint was used for roasting and the other two went into the cure, I made up a double quantity of the cure as I had two big joints to do. the cure after being made up was divided into 5, and a 5th of which will be applied each day after emptying the drawn liquid from the meat every 24hrs for 5 days. Using a non metallic dish for it to sit in, it'll reside in the bottom of our fridge while the liquid is being drawn out. I'll also turn the meat each time I apply the fresh "cure".

200g Salt
200g Dark brown sugar
6 bay leaves
12 juniper berries
1tbs mixed herbs
1tps black pepper
After 5 days the meat will be rinsed off in cold water, and hung for a further 5 days to air dry.

once it was finished hanging about it was time to slice it up

 I was all packed in vac pak bags of 6slices enough for us to use at a sitting and then went into the freezer, there is enough there for about 6 months.
Although we have been giving some to friends to try so it might be about 4 months.
If you want streaky bacon then use belly pork.

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