Wednesday 22 January 2014

First Day at Alpaca School

Yesterday was the day I took over care of the Alpacas, they now belong to us, so I was given a lesson on trimming there toe nails, that was fun, its defiantly a two person job and a little scary the first time you do it, no doubt in time it will be one of those jobs that becomes easier the more you do it.
I didn't draw blood so they seemed happy, although I think I will look for a better pair of clippers.
This morning I went over to check on them and they were happily grazing away, and gave me that look of who the hell are you and what are you doing here,

  Nicknack Oddjob

And of course there was poo duty to do, so a bucket of poo was collected and its going to be used in the garden,

there poo doesn't smell, it has an odour but its not an unpleasant nose holding job, so now I am off down the garden to get it dug in to this years onion bed. Alpaca droppings can be used as they are and don't need to be composted and left standing so that is another up side to having them 

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