Sunday 10 October 2021

New Addition to the Family


Meet Poppy
She has just joined our family, ex breeder from Many Tears.
It has been a year since we lost our beloved Tess also an ex breeder from Many Tears who was deaf and blind.

Poppy 5 years old and blind, we are hoping with treatment she can regain some sight.
Her resemblance to Tess is uncanny, we are now at the stage we’re we felt we are ready to do it all again.
Poppy has never lived in a house and she is finding lots of things scary but given time she will settle.

She has a whole new world to discover and together with Paige and Mia she will have lots of adventures 


  1. She looks lovely and I'm sure you will give her a wonderfully happy new life.

  2. I am glad you are giving Poppy a new life - of freedom - and I do hope her eyesight can be restored to a degree. Perhaps she is descended from Tess. You never know.

  3. She looks lovely Dawn. Bless you for taking her in.

    We have a Poppy dog too, so I am fond of the name.

  4. Hi Dawn, ooh Poppy looks lovely and I'm sure she will have a wonderful life with you. Lots of exciting things happening at your end. When you have a moment could you tell me the company you use for jars and containers, I'm looking for some food grade, air tight plastic buckets to put in the cellar to store things like oats, flour etc. Thanks, L.


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