Sunday 3 May 2020

Time Is Flying

Even during lockdown time is flying by, I haven’t left the smallholding for 8 weeks now and don’t feel like I want to go back out there in the big wide world.
There is always so much to do and never enough hours in the day, although I am looking forward to hubby and grandson returning to work and having the place to myself.
There has been more new additions since my last post.
My great granddaughters made a very early appearance, obviously in a rush join the family

Hope and Lily arrived 11 weeks early eight games in at 3lb 5ozs and 2lb 9ozs, 

Mum and babies are doing fine after a few days in NICU they moved into high dependency, they are now breathing unassisted and now moved into the nursery.
They are now 16 days old, were does the time go, we hope they will be home in a few weeks and as soon as lock down is over the family can get together and celebrate there arrival.
We have now finished lambing, 12 lambs all arrived unassisted, fine and healthy, all lambed outside.
The boys have been ringed and the girls are all wearing earrings
We also had arrive 
A lovely set of twins from Thelma and our billy Elvis, we are still waiting on the arrival of more kids.
We have been sending Enid goat and the two little female runts from last year round next door to help clear a yard, they have to earn there keep.
They are brought back at tea time
They were all suppose to be going to a new home then the lockdown started and they are still with us but hope to move them on soon.
The usual growing is going on in the poly tunnels, buffalos are being strip grazed so being moved every few days onto fresh grazing, Turkeys have been moved to a new home up by the goats as the men folk had issues with Stanley attacking them, the little chicks are all feathered up and moved to a chicken house and run in the poultry area, and we are getting ready for some piglets to join us in the next couple of weeks.
Grandson had a lockdown birthday
So there is plenty going on, so glad we are here and not in a town, hope you are all keeping safe and bearing up under the current situation. 


  1. SO glad to read that your great grandchildren are well and strong. Exciting times for you all.

  2. Life keeps going, congratulations on the birth of 2 beautiful girls. I understand how you feel, we do not go out much other than for a walk, we live in a village on the edge of town and have no desire to go into the town.

  3. So many wonderful babies of every kind! Glad to hear those sweet human babies are doing so well.

    I love your sentiment about the whole lockdown thing. I used to make two trips to town per week, one to the library and the other for household errands. I'm down to one because the library is closed and that's about the only thing I miss out there.

  4. So many new arrivals. So happy your new great grand daughters are doing well and hope they will all be home soon. We are enjoying not going anywhere too. We actually love the isolation. Take care and be safe and well.

  5. Huzzah and congratulations! Our daughter turned 21 here at home as well (in The States, it is the legal drinking age). I am sure that spending her "official" drinking days with her parents is not quite what she had intended...

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your newest grandchildren.

    God bless.

  7. Your energy levels never cease to amaze me Dawn. The babies are looking lovely, irrispective of how many legs they have.

  8. How exciting twins Hope and Lily and lambs as well and kids, I felt exhausted just reading to what you're doing. Criky our 140 ft garden seems easy in comparison.

  9. Congratulations on the sweet babies! I've been away from blogger for a while and just popped on to check in. It was great to see you are still doing good! Take care!

  10. Congratulations on the safe arrival of those gorgeous little grand daughters, they look so beautiful and very healthy considering having such an early arrival.

    So many babies both human and animal for you, what a wonderful Spring. xx


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