Sunday 1 September 2019

August Wow

August brought some stunning sun rises

we also had some great weather, lots of outdoor jobs get done and crossed off the list, as well as all the routine jobs which are always a lot more pleasurable to do when the weather is good.Hot days saw me receding indoors at the hottest part of the day, starting early finishing late seemed to be the order of the day. the animals and poultry were doing the same.
Turkeys arrived 
A bit later than we usually get them in, we only got half a dozen turkey poults this year to raise on, what a problem we had finding some, facebook has made the sale of livestock and poultry very difficult, in there effort to support the ban of puppy farming they have put a ban on all animal and poultry sales, lots of us depended on livestock selling groups on facebook  for replenishing poultry, buying in new breeding lines of livestock. There is another platform that has started up MeWe and lots of groups are moving to that but its not easy to navigate, or usual place to get poults and day old chicks have given up breeding this year as they couldn't advertise back in the spring and they were left with lots of young birds that were growing by the day. Oh and those puppy farmers well they have all moved to MeWe and Gumtree so Facebook didnt have any impact. The only way to have an impact is not to buy any puppies all these fancy mix breeds tat people want is lining the pockets of puppy farmers.
Adopt dont Shop.
We had the usual visitors this past month
I had the opportunity to teach my granddaughter how to spin fleece to yarn on there visit, it would be lovely to see her go on and embrace more yarn crafts then I could pass on some of the fleeces to her.
Her younger sister on the other hand was more interested in the fleece producers  
 She loved being out there feeding the sheep and she took no nonsense from them, even those horns didn't intimidate her.
she loved helping with all the animals and would clock watch until it was time.
New additions from the doves.
Stumpy the dove with no tail, we dont know what happened to her made a ground nest in the aviary, laid a couple of eggs and has been busy raising her young, stumpy cant really get up to any height without a tail and flies just a few feet above the ground,   It will be interesting to see how she is going to teach these youngsters how to fly and how they are going to launch from the ground.
Johnny Buffalo went off to slaughter a few weeks ago
 He spent his last three months in with the ladies and we are keeping everything crossed that he has managed to serve the ladies and they are in calf, we will have them pregnancy checked by the vet soon. If they are not in calf then we have to decide if we want to bring them through another winter empty feeding them with no return. We arranged to pick up the hide and it has now gone off to the tannery to be returned to us as leather this winter.This weekend will see us making up buffalo meat boxes for our waiting customers.
Sweet Potato slips,
for many years I have bought in slips to grow on for slip potatoes, I have always been disappointed, the cost is high for the slips, they don't always arrive in great condition and tend to arrive fairly late giving them a short growing season, so I have set my own and plan to grow hem on over winter to give them a head start in the spring.
 Pig Roast Bank Holiday
 we had a whole pig we kept back in the freezer and August saw us open our doors to family and friends and have a pig roast, we had groups camping down the field for the week end as well as those who were local calling in and joining us, the weather was fantastic we couldn't have asked for better, it was a lovely way to celebrate our life here and end the month.


  1. Lovely post Dawn. The pig roast looks epic!

  2. Family time is special, glad you enjoyed yours. Love reading your tales from the land.

  3. It all sounds bliss to me Dawn but then I am not doing any of the hard work am I?

  4. Sorry we couldn't make it to the pig roast - Keith has his 2nd cataract op on the Friday and was resting, as we were set to go to Malvern Flea on the Monday if he was well enough (he was, but I drove of course). Glad that you had a lovely time with family and friends and I bet that hog roast was delicious.

    Sad to read that Facebook having a hissy fit has done nothing to deter the puppy farmers advertising elsewhere. If only people didn't buy from them. I can remember when we first moved to Wales there would be a "man with a van" down at the market and farmers would bring their litters of puppies and cash would change hands. . . Nothing's changed, except the venue.

  5. Looks splendid as always, Dawn. Good luck on the slips - I bought some for the first time this year, we will see what we get from them.


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