Monday 11 March 2019

Stormy Days

Sunday 3rd March
Another storm was set to hit us  this afternoon, It lashed down with rain, the wind blew, hailstones joined the party. Not the weather for doing outside jobs.
We fared the storm came out the other side with very little damage.
The usual broken branches, wind is natures way of pruning the dead and weak branches.
And we had a tree down
 It was one we had marked to come down, It had Ash die back a disease that is devastating the as trees in the UK.
 The stump I have plan for in the garden, the rest of it will be firewood.
Monday 4th March
After the storms and all the rain that fell much to the delight of the ducks Compost and Speak No, new puddles sprung up for them to explore
 Tuesday 5th March 
Martin is away at work, had a long chat with a friend on the phone got the washing done and other bits and bobs around the house.
Candled the duck eggs that were put in the incubator last week
They are all viable, that dark blob is a little beating heart 
The weather still is very inclement 
The Alpacas have been grazing over in the sheep field, at feed times we only have to call them and they come galloping back.
Wednesday  6th March.
I had to pop out to the fruit and veg wholesalers this morning to pick up some fruit and veg for the goats  
I got 2 crates of grapes for £2
A crate of tomatoes for £1
A crate of ginger for £1
as well as some boxes of apples for £1 for the goats
The Grapes I put through the steam juice extractor
 remove from stalks give them a wash
Then onto the stove for an hour
 Three and a bit bottles of grape juice. Which can used for drinks, lollies, jellies or even wine.
Thursday 7th March
 The grape pulp after extracting was left to cool over night then they went in the dehydrator 
Raisins, that I can use when baking.
The tomatoes were sliced and dehydrated over night
1 crate sliced filled 7 trays

 reduced down to 3 pints
then blitzed down to a jar of powder, spoon fulls can be added to soups and casseroles etc.
Friday 8th March 
I had a new book arrive
 I didn't need another vegetable book, but this one is special as it has been beautifully put together by a local gardener and I am all for supporting local business.
 The whole book is illustrated with lovely clear photos
 Easy to read and understand
The author Huw Richards lives in Tregaron just up the road from me. He also has a fab you tube channel Huw's Nursery. The best price on the book I have found to be Amazon 

Saturday 10th March 
I pottered around sorting out a few things and getting on with some crafts starting to build up stock for up and coming events
Pop along to my craft blog to catch up with what is happening there 




  1. That sounds a really good buy that book Dawn - he will be writing about the kind of soils you have so that you can trust his words on which varieties to plant etc. You always sound so very busy

    1. I like to be busy I cant imagine just sitting around, not having hobbies not having friends to meet up with.

  2. That looks a very good book. Must check out the Youtube video too.

    I know where you've been shopping! I just bought a tray of apples there this week (small Cox's) for £1. Never thought of dehydrating tomatoes like that (he often has boxes of them doesn't he?) for blitzing and adding to stews etc. Great idea. I remember you doing the grapes before. You can't get much more self sufficient than that (unless they are home grown of course).

  3. Hi Dawn

    Like the idea of the grapes being turned into juice and then raisins. Using it all up that way. Wish we had a fruit shop like yours - mine is not too bad but the prices your way sure beat ours.

    1. check out if you have any wholesalers that supply market traders

    2. Will do and thank you for that.


  4. Wow - A crate of ginger for a pound? That is an amazing price.

    The book looks cheerful and amazing.


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