Monday 4 February 2019

It Came It Went It Came Again

Well all the weather forecasts were wrong we got snow when they said we wouldn't and when we were all prepared for the big snowfall last week we had a dusting,  it was a couple of weeks snow then sun snow then sun.
Lets hope that's it for this winter and the march towards spring can continue without any setbacks.
 The Buffalo's don't really like the snow. 
I have been harvesting the trial sugar beet I set, 
it was grown with the livestock in mind.
The roots are chopped up
 The leaves are taken off and fed to the goats
 The roots are then put through a root chopper
Grated up and fed to the buffalo to supplement there feeds.
This year I am going to put a larger area over to root crops for the livestock.

 Something else being harvested from the aquaponics bed is watercress, which is primarily what I wanted to grow.
It makes a lovely soup.
Those pesky pigs we had went off to slaughter last week.
I was glad to see the back of them, one in particular was a trouble maker and constantly broke out, they have cleared the are for the next lot of willow to be planted, and I am looking forward to having some pork in the freezer, we are letting the butcher do them this time as we wan to sell some of the meat, one is going on for bacon and sausages.

Saturday after doing a stall at the village market, I took Tess with me a Bird box making  workshop down in the forest, it was only £5 and I was really happy with the bird box I made.
Tess was very nervous, lots of strangers and in a strange place without her guide Sol, we need to take her out more so she is more accepting of strange places. She has really come into her own since Sol's passing we have got our names down for another dog, I am also keeping an eye on the rescue sites. 
Its just a case of waiting until the right one comes along. 



  1. What a busy life you have. It sounds like the pigs have done their job and now you can plant your willow.

  2. I am interested in the sugar beets for livestock. As I recall, William Cobbett in his Rural Rides mentioned grouwing mangels (apparently another kind of beet, I see) for the very same reason.

  3. Tess must miss Sol a great deal. Its hard when you have 2 pets and one of them dies. We have two dogs and Lizzy keeps Max young, (he's 14 and she's 7) I know she will miss him greatly when he goes. Like Tess is wary of strangers and new situations.Max gives her confidence and I do worry how she will cope.

  4. Very smart bird box and just in time for Spring.


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