Monday 14 August 2017

The First Year

I have put together another photo slide show of work that was done outside in our first year.
The first few photo's are the garden we left behind.
I have tried to group these photos together with before during and after.



  1. It's amazing what you have achieved in a year, truly amazing.

  2. Loved seeing this and the previous slideshow! I'm blown away by the amount of work you guys have done! You should feel well proud 😊👍

  3. Fantastic Dawn. I love looking at before and after changes of things. Love seeing how you moved the huge metal roof! (I am still very sorry that we lost all our photos of the work we did in the house before we moved in and others of outside.) Keep on with the slide shows.

  4. You have achieved an astonishing amount of change and cultivation. It is even more amazing when one considers that you were alone during the week.
    So pleased you are still going to blog.

  5. BethB from Indiana15 August 2017 at 13:57

    Absolutely amazing. You should be so proud.

  6. A fantastic achievement. X


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