Sunday 16 September 2012

Going For Gold

This years honey harvest hasn't been brilliant, poor bees have had a tough year, so we are grateful for any honey harvest we could get, we have take 8 frames extracted and filtered, a bit of a sticky job but enjoyable as well, we hope to have left enough for the bees over winter, there is still honey to come from the top bars, that will be a even sticker job so the 8 combs are sitting in a sealed bucket until my day off.
After extracting its filtered through a course filter then a fine filter then its left to settle before getting jars, we already have a wait list of people wanting honey, so I did think there will be much spare.
This might be the last of our Bow Brickhill honey as things are moving along with our move, this house is now all finished and the estate agent has been out and our house should be on the market in about a week, we have a property we are interested in to go and view next week end in S.Wales, we are busy packing to get things put into storage as well, so its a really busy time as well as all the usual things to do, Tomatoes are still coming on well, we picked the last of the raspberries today some more beetroot harvested to pickled, the kiwis are doing great this year and the grapes are starting to ripen, oranges have set on the Orange tree, my pineapple tops seem to be rooting as well, will report back after our trip to Wales and who knows might have some good news to share.

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