Sunday 12 August 2012


Yes today I got stung for the first time by one of our bees, and it blooming hurt, we had been doing a hive inspection and took some comb from one of the top bar hives as it was getting rather full, the comb was in a closed bucket, I went to move it not noticing a bee on the handle and of course as I squashed it in my hand it stung me on the finger, it made me feel not too well and gave me a headache, now all I have is a swollen finger and its still a bit tender. We need to take some honey off another two hives so hopefully we will get that done this week.
I got myself a food dehydrator, and today I have been drying out some bananas, I am really looking forward to playing with, I have ordered some books from Amazon about dehydrating food. Jerky is something I like the idea of doingWhen and if we get a glut of tomatoes this year we shall have a go at some dried tomatoes stored in olive oil, I managed to get a box of bananas today for a £1 from the farm shop, and some bags of apples for 50p each so tomorrow I will start drying out apples. I have been looking up about some dried meals, that will be ideal for when we go off walking.
Will report back when I have had a few more trials, The Granola went down well and I have made another batch this time its Maple and Pecan again its yummy, I have been taking granola for my lunch at work.
Once I have some strawberries dried I can add some of those as well. right must dash things to do.

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