Saturday 14 July 2012

Wet Wet Wet

Yes we all know its been wet and is still wet and more wet to come, some of the veggie crops are failing fast with all this wet stuff and others are thriving, peas we have had a bumper crop and strawberries, it looks like gooseberries are next to be picked the apples are swelling lovely blueberries and cranberries are doing great as well, the kiwi is laden with young fruit as is the plumb trees grapes and raspberries, so fruit wise its all going well, tomatoes are late coming on fruits have now set and getting plumper, cucumbers have set as well, what we need is that big shiny thing in the sky to put in more of an appearance and things might just balance up, the bees are struggling a bit trying to get out between downpours so I am not expecting anything great honey wise this year.
Despite the weather life is continuing and today we fired up the brick oven and had pizza for dinner I had my first ever pizza, being a none cheese eater its something I have never tried before, so tonight I had a caramelised onion and anchovy pizza, we saw it on Hugh's River Cottage program the other night and it was really tasty, defiantly one to do again.
Tomorrow I am having a day out at Fibre East 2012 in Bedfordshire, lots of spinning and weaving hoping to get myself a spinning wheel, or at least start looking into one, I have a drop spindle but really fancy a wheel, so we will see what tomorrow brings, and lets hope the sun shines for a bit pleasssssssssssssse.

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